Digital Marketing

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Our Services

  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Benchmarking
  • Conversion Funnels Setup
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEM / PPC)
  • Social Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Banner Design

Online Advertising

SEM / PPC / Social Ads

  • Google Ads, Search, Display, Remarketing and Social Media payment campaigns.
  • SEM and Social Ads.
  • Ads campaigns: search, display (banners), remarketing, etc.
  • Social Ads: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Synchronization of Ads with Analytics and vice versa
  • Configuration of advertising campaigns
  • Weekly monitoring and optimization (negative keywords, CPC adjustments, etc)
  • Campaign monitoring and goal achievement


  • Benchmarking: analysis of the competition. Links, keywords and conversion that convert.
  • Strategy: definition of actions and schedule.
  • Configuration of monitoring tools: GSC, Analytics,

Web Analytics

  • Review bounce and drop rates – funnel optimization
  • A / B testing
  • Heat map configuration
  • Configuration of conversion funnels
  • Google Tag Manager

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO

  • Architecture studio: categories, subcategories, labels
  • Optimization of headers and content, meta tags (titles, meta descriptions) and images
  • Review of Sitemap and Robots.txt
  • Monitoring and improving website load speed (WPO)
  • Technical aspects: redirects, hreflang tags, etc.
  • Analysis and optimization of internal links
  • Google Crawl Review – Indexing review and improvement/review and correction of crawl errors
  • CTR monitoring and improvement
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Generation of SEO content (blog)
  • Reviewing and improving contact forms – lead capture

Off-Page SEO

  • GMB optimization: configuration, comments, UTM on links, etc.
  • Linkbuilding: achieving quality links (organic and paid)
  • Negative SEO control: monitoring and removing of toxic links

Some Achievements


A website “YMYL” from health sector suffered an importan fall with change of the Google’s algorithm on march 2019.


We carried out a full  SEO On-Page and Off-Page audit to recover the lost positions.


We recovered the previus positioning and surpassed it getting up to 60.000 unique daily visitors.


A start-up company needed to make itself known.


We create an initial SEO strategic proposal for On-Page and Off-Page. Over the next years we improved it.


The evolution of the positioning was very positive and has brought them great benefits.


A poorly resolved platform change causes serious consequences for SEO positioning (May 2019).


We carried out a strategy to resolve and recover the organic traffic and corrected the migration process.


We managed to recover the lost position and then we overcame it.


A local business needed to attract more customers and grow its business.


We created a SEM and Social Media Marketing strategy tailored to their needs.


We managed to double their franchises from 14 to 32. We doubled the capture of leads in Social Media, we multiplied by four the payment traffic achieved and we doubled the conversion rate of the campaigns.