We know how hard it can be to find a reliable Web Design Studio.

Here is an explanation of how we create our websites, so you can decide whether we fit your project and expectations.

About us

VueloIV is a Web Design Studio based in Barcelona.

We specialize in bespoke Web Design and Digital Marketing to help companies and professionals connect with new clients and watch their business grow.

Over 18 years of experience guarantee the quality of our services.

we are differents

We love design!

We specialize in bespoke Web Design with WordPress.

We start from scratch, with original and exclusive designs for each project. We don’t use themes or pre-designed elements.

We enjoy design, and we want each project to be unique. That’s why we limit the number of projects we do at the same time, in order to be able to commit ourselves to each client with the quality and dedication they deserve.

Your digital partner

We like to have a close and trusting relationship with each client, to take care to their needs and support them over the years in everything related to Web Design, Digital Marketing, Maintenance and Consulting.

Our Creative Process

bespoke web design creative process

Initial meeting

If you’re in Barcelona, please come to our studio for a coffee and a chat about your project, goals and expectations. If you are somewhere else we can arrange a Skype or hangout call.

We’ll recommend the best solution to fit your needs and send you a detailed quote.

If you want a quick estimate, just let us know. Each project is different. Sometimes a phone call or an email is enough. If the proposal meets your requirements, we will arrange an initial meeting.


Once the project goals are clear and the contract has been signed, we will begin the design phase.

Analysis and Strategy

  • Analysis of requirements and content sent by the client.
  • Objectives and KPIs.

Creative process

  • UX & Prototyping
  • Web Design / Look & feel
  • Evaluation of the design together with the client and rounds of corrections.
  • Design approval.

Design process

We carry out a first draft design and “look & feel”.

After hearing your feedback we make successive corrections until the design is approved.

Usually we include about four rounds of corrections, but in our experience the client often approves the design before.


Once the design has been approved, it’s time to move on to the development phase.

Front-end Development

We handcode the design in HTML5 + PHP + CSS3 + JS + GSAP Animation.

Custom WordPress coding

With Backoffice or CMS you will be able to modify the content of your website quickly and easily without any need for computer expertise.

Flexible Content

FLEXIBLE CONTENT is an exclusive, custom-made modular page builder system develop by us.
With FLEXIBLE CONTENT, content is added in blocks of various types in order to compose the layout of each page.

Custom blocks

We design and code custom content blocks, which are unique for each project.

We also include a repertoire of standard blocks that are used on all projects.

Selection and combination

Blocks can be freely combined and arranged to compose each page. There are no limits.

Custom fields

Custom fields are spaces that differ from the standard WordPress editor.

Each page or block has specific custom fields according to its design, with the aim of making content loading as easy and efficient as possible.



Before we launch your website, we test it in a private URL where we check it out and make any final adjustments.

We do a responsive review of the website on all phones, tablets and screen sizes, correcting any errors found.


Once everything is checked and the customer has approved the work, we proceed to launch the website.


We will teach you how the content manager system works during a short meeting. For customers living outside Barcelona, we can do this via Skype.

After launch

What our clients say

What project did you work on together?

We have been working with VueloIV for about 4 years. At the beginning we asked them to solve several disasters our previous web developer had left us with, something they did diligently and with infinite patience. Later we asked them to help us make our new website from scratch and other online projects. We are talking about websites in many languages, country-specific content and a back office with different user access depending on the level of authorization and type of content… VueloIV took care of everything and offered us solutions to problems we were going to have in the future that we hadn’t thought about.

What impressed you the most?

Professionalism, diligence and attention to detail are three of the best characteristics of VueloIV. I would also like to add that they are very good at anticipating your needs.

Is there anything they could improve on?

I am very, very demanding with all of my suppliers. VueloIV is the only one that not only always does the job perfectly, but also anticipates my needs, continues to improve and always goes one step further. There’s nothing I would change.

C.P. Marketing Director at Wok to Walk International

What project did you work on together?

Initially the project was to create the Cruïlla website. Then it evolved to maintenance, updating the design for each new edition, and integrating all the changes we asked for.

What impressed you the most?

Their positive attitude and how quickly they complete each task. I also liked that their feedback improved on our initial idea.

Is there anything they could improve on?

I don’t think there is anything they need to improve.

O.P. Marketing Director at Barcelona Events Musicals

What project did you work on together?

Creating several websites/landing pages in line with our digital strategy.

What impressed you the most?

The speed and ease of working together, as well as the continuous advice on how to achieve our goals.

Is there anything they could improve on?

Everything was perfect. They were always quick to reply and Iván is great at problem solving.

J. C. Head Of Digital Strategy at Grup Focus

What project did you work on together?

Different websites in an educational context

What impressed you the most?

Iván understands your needs and suggests different solutions, explaining the pros and cons of each so you can better make your decision.

Is there anything they could improve on?

That’s a difficult one for me to answer because we are very happy with the result.

N.B. Communication at Editorial Casals


  • What does "bespoke” or “custom design" mean?

    It’s “custom” because we don’t just use the basic functions of WordPress. We modify the original WordPress programming to adapt it to the specific needs of each project.

    WordPress Content Manager will allow you to modify the contents of your website quickly and easily without the need for technical computer knowledge. WordPress is currently the CMS (Content management system) that is most frequently used.

  • What does "no templates" mean?

    Many people confuse WordPress with commercial templates. We implement WordPress in our own designs, with custom code built from scratch, without using any templates or themes.

    This means we can take advantage of all the power of WordPress without sacrificing design quality.

  • Why do you use WordPress?

    Fast and affordable: WordPress incorporates the functionalities that are common to all web pages. Thanks to not having to program everything from scratch, we can spend more time on the specific and exclusive functions of each web project.

    Unlimited possibilities: WordPress is totally flexible and adaptable to any design and functionality. We implement WordPress tailored to each project, with custom fields and custom article formats created especially for web content that facilitate the management and loading of content.

    Easy to use: With WordPress as a content manager you can edit all the content on your web page, create new sections, modify menus, add news, upload images, videos and files. We always offer a training session on the use of WordPress to all our clients.

    Positioning: It is positioned very well on Google. WordPress code is optimized to rank highly in Google search results.

    Community: WordPress is open source and is constantly growing and being updated. As the most used content manager in the world, it is maintained by a community of thousands of programmers who constantly collaborate to improve it and develop new functions.

    “35% of the web pages that exist in the world use WordPress”

  • Do you provide a guarantee for fixing errors after launch?

    Yes. We correct, without charge, any programming errors detected in the 6 months following the end of the programming process.

  • Does flexible content work with Gutemberg?

    No. It is a development of its own.

  • Do you offer website SEO services?

    Yes. We offer Digital Marketing services to help your business grow. Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and much more. You can find more information in the Digital Marketing section.

  • Do you offer Website Maintenance services?

    Yes. Normally, after launching the website, our clients sign up for an web maintenance plan for a set number of hours. The time can be used for the modification of content, programming, technical support, consulting and any of the services we offer.
    You can find more information in the Website Maintenance section.